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At Lahinch Adventures and Bens Surf Clinic, we are extremely aware of the benefits and delicate nature of the environment in which we work. It is a major part of our philosophy to provide our services in the most sustainable way possible while attempting to increase the awareness of both our staff, clients and general public on issues concerning our local and wider environment. We are committed to monitoring our usage and effects on our environmen. We continually striving to reduce our impact and the impact of our clients on the environment through controlled usage by improving awareness. We are focused on creating an awareness of sustainability issues within our staff and our clients, in particular with the younger clients we have. 
As a member of the Geopark we are committed to respecting  the Geopark Sustainable Code of Practice for Tourism through specific focused practices and constant monitoring and training. 

Our Activities and Future Eco Plans

The Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark is a diverse fragile environment with a wealth of geographic, historical, horticultural, and social features. Lahinch Adventures through the outdoor activities we provide have a unique opportunity to introduce and interpret the Geopark. We are committed to getting quality interesting environmentally sound information across to our clients , through our trained coaches and information provided through Geopark  leaflets. 

Leave No Trace:

Currently we have three staff members trained and certified on Leave No Trace Principles, we aim to have all three trained as trainers in 2014 so that we can offer Leave No Trace courses to students and school groups that use our facilities. We also aim to have all staff trained and certified in Principles by end of 2014. We promote Leave No Trace Principles through our website, and in our daily practices and hope to create a visual space to openly promote them to all clients in 2014. 

Contribution to Conservation:


We are constantly working on making our building as energy efficent as possible.  


We currently monitor all our water usage, particularly in wetsuit washing , we have reduced our usage by 10% and are currently developing a rain collection system, to reduce our usage further.


All our staff are trained in general on regional interests including historical, geographical, and environmental issue in the region. Surf coaches particularly focus on coastal issue and awareness, concentrating on safety and knowledge of water, waves and coastal currents. While guides and climbing staff focus on geology, rock and the natural environment, with a focus on sustainability and Leave no Trace codes. 

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